Juice Films propels comic books into a new dimension by expertly transmuting their arresting plots and visuals into addictive digital-video shorts featuring striking illustrations, dramatic voice-overs, sweeping music scores, and skillful editing.

Each project is nurtured with obsessive tenderness by an experienced team of animators who have dedicated their working lives to the video-game and film worlds with roles ranging from game producer and cinematic director to script writer and award-winning machinima filmmaker.

Close collaboration with clients results in a living, breathing animated experience that embodies the essence of a comic book. Quality is never comprised. Deadlines are always met.

With an unparalleled level of animation per panel, Juice Films brings the most worshipped comic books, such as Watchmen, to life.

"...everything comes together in a near-perfect mix of music, story, visuals, and editing and for me hits an emotional crescendo. I cry very easily at movies, but this is the first time I can recall doing so with a comic. These guys are doing great work, and I hope they keep it up and somehow get the [Watchmen] chapters out faster (please!)." -CNET.com